Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
12 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2018
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events
Suspension of Dividend for Quarter Ended June 30, 2018
The Company's Board of Directors recently determined to suspend the Company's quarterly dividend for the fourth fiscal quarter ended June 30, 2018 in order to increase its financial flexibility and strengthen its balance sheet. Going forward, the Board of Directors will re-assess its capital resources and may or may not determine to reinstate the dividend based on that assessment.

Entry into Material Definitive Agreement
On September 14, 2018 (the “ABS Closing Date”), AM Capital Funding, LLC (the “Issuer”), an indirect subsidiary of the Company, completed an issuance of Secured Senior Term Notes, Series 2018-1, Class A (the “Class A Notes”) in the aggregate principal amount of $72,000,000 and Secured Subordinated Term Notes, Series 2018-1, Class B (the “Class B Notes” and together with the Class A Notes, the “Notes”) in the aggregate principal amount of $28,000,000.  The Class A Notes bear interest at a rate of 4.98% and the Class B Notes bear interest at a rate of 5.98%.  The Notes have a maturity date of December 15, 2023. The Notes were issued under a Master Indenture and the Series 2018 1 Supplement thereto, each dated as of the ABS Closing Date, between the Issuer and Citibank, N.A., as trustee.

The Notes will be primarily payable from, and secured by, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum or palladium) and a portfolio of loans collateralized by precious metals (gold, silver, platinum or palladium).  Such loans were originated by either CFC or acquired by CFC from Worth Group, Inc. and conveyed by CFC to the Issuer on the ABS Closing Date.  The Notes are not insured or guaranteed by A-Mark or CFC.

The Notes may only be acquired by persons who are qualified institutional buyers as defined in Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. 

Reference is made to the Company’s Report on Form 8-K, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 17, 2018, for additional information regarding the terms of the Notes.